By Balanced Body® Inc.

Accessories for Contrology™ Reformer

Photo of Contrology Jumpboard mounted on Reformer

Contrology Jumpboard

(86" and 89" versions only)

Our Jumpboard adds versatility to your Reformer, allowing jumping and cardio exercise, and recreating a biomechanically accurate standing position while lying on the Reformer.

Actual jumping surface of W: 16.5” (42cm), H: 14” (36cm).

Part #: 16101

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Photo of Contrology Footbar with optional cover

Contrology Footbar Covers


Our Padded Footbar Cover is a foam core covered by a textured grip non-slip surface for cushioned foot and hand work.

Our Unpadded Footbar Cover is a direct contact non-slip cover providing a layer between your hands and feet and the bar.

Part #: 16483

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