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Illustration of Joseph Pilates exercising on Reformer Illustration of Joseph Pilates exercising on Reformer Illustration of Joseph Pilates exercising on Reformer

“I have to say that it was so much fun to work with [Balanced Body] because it's so awesome to be able to have a maker, engineer, practitioner, all come together to be able to really look at how this works, how we use it as practitioners, what needs to happen, what was missing.”

~Jay Grimes

Photo of Jay Grimes and Ken Endelman seated together on a Reformer

Balanced Body® is dedicated to preserving our Pilates heritage.

We understand that looking forward means sometimes looking back. With the Contrology™ Reformer and Contrology™ Springs, we aimed to build the best version of the original Pilates apparatus as developed and used by Joseph Pilates.

We partnered with Jay Grimes and Karen Frischmann to re-create all of the subtle functionality critical to the classical Pilates approach. We listened, learned, prototyped and tested. We looked at how the apparatus works, and how practitioners use it. Most critically, we examined the design details that had changed over time—and needed to be restored to bring back the original Reformer feel.

With the blessings of our classical colleagues, we present you our Contrology Reformer and Springs.

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The Contrology Reformer News

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Contrology in Pilates Style Oct/Nov Issue

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We’re proud to bring you the Contrology Reformer and Springs!

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